Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CX-5, New Small CUV From Mazda

Mazda has finally announced that their future car model cut smaller than the CX-5 is known. In fact, this movement is almost predictable, so it is not surprising. The new car is simply said to carry materials for mining concept here and there. Mazda has been unveiled at the Geneva Salon in March lat. Soul Motion Design - This will help the first vehicle Mazda, the new "KODO.

In fact, their model was the first time in the fall when Mazda is introducing the concept of Shinar, which is a very attractive sedan is introduced, while luxury consultant at the same time. This car is in the upcoming Aston Martin Rapide Park, and nobody noticed. The latest model CX-5 will be presented at the IAA in September later, and is on the market sometime in 2012.

Mazda said its new crossover will be equipped with technologies SkyActiv Mazda. This feature is also the transmission, engine, chassis and suspension. SkyActive feature is the permanent function Zoom Zoom Mazda give you a more efficient engine with lower overall body mass for improved performance and fuel rate.

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