Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nissan Cube - One of the Coolest Cars of 2009

The Nissan Cube is a success in 2009. Kelley Blue Book named him as one of the top ten coolest cars that were published in 2009 under $ 18,000. The Wall Street Journal called the Cube "turn surprisingly luxurious," better than the Scion xB. The Nissan Cube is all the attention for its economy, interior size, technology, security, and of course the cool factor. So why the cube so cool? Here are five unique features of the Nissan Cube.

First The cube is asymmetrical. One of the coolest things about the Cube is the circular rear coil. The Cube has a lot of curves inside and outside, making it a very cool ride. The exterior is a high level of style around, so it is super fun to ride for everyone. The Cube Krom model comes with an exclusive integrated body design, a custom grille, front and rear bumpers, body swelling, and a roof spoiler. Not to mention the sixteen-inch aluminum-alloy Krom, which are ideal for city driving.

Second The domino effect can not be stopped. The Cube was inspired by nature in a big way. All models Cube interior is filled with the image of waves. There is a huge wave on the ceiling, and some other waves in the cup holder and speakers. This effect is futuristic cool character in the eyes and naturalistic. There are also select their own accessories for the color of your home. The new time has come, and the Cube is the ultimate tool to get there.

Third The Cube has developed a technology. A very cool feature of this car is the On / Off button on the inside of the engine. The new Nissan Intelligent Key, you can unlock the doors and start the engine before the car. There's also a speakerphone available, making driving and to communicate more safely and efficiently. The interior chimneys and winding beds and slide the seat position so that it jump to a cool ride for all of your friends in.

4th The Cube has a good tone. Not only the interior accent lighting, space, and does everything curves, it also has the coolest sound-system today. You can become a premium audio system with two tweeters and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer switch and amplifier. The Cube also MP3/WMA CD playback and the capability of the iPod. This car is ideal for car trips with friends. There is also a control panel mounted on the steering wheel, so you see your songs and listen to your music with full control.

5th The Cube is incredibly safe to drive. It is equipped with six standard airbags, including two belt sensors and an occupant classification system of seating, so if you move the bag moves with you. Standard air bags mounted on the roof to protect occupants heads and active front head restraints reduce the risk of whiplash injuries and serious injuries. Each cube is equipped with an advanced traction and braking technology on the market. It is an anti-lock brakes and Vehicle Dynamic Control, which the driver can stay on the path. A Traction Control System is also integrated in order to keep a grip on snowy roads and electronic brake-force distribution sends more power to the rear brakes when the rear seat is full.

These are just five reasons why the cube is cool, in fact, there are about twenty. The 2009 Nissan Cube is roomy and luxurious that is ideal for friends carpooling is easy and fun to drive, and comes with customization options, as it is an auto parts to think about. Check the freshness of four models of the Nissan Cube and feel the domino effect first hand.

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