Monday, April 25, 2011

Honda CR-Z Details Revealed

This is a report by Autocar market participants that Honda has confirmed they are currently working on a faster version of its hybrid CR-Z, which is disappointing. They noted that some thought of their customers, they were still at the beginning of another CRX. But now Honda has confirmed that they create a faster version of the car with the IMA hybrid system of the next generation on the go.

Unfortunately, they are not even say to make this engine, the CR-Z, but some reports said he is between 160 hp gas engine and electric motor. The head of the research and development of Honda, said Tomohiko Kawanabe they were looking from something like the turbo engine because the current game is better with hybrids.

Kawanabe added that the increase will not sacrifice the power consumption and the number of CO2 production. That is, they would increase the electric motor. This anonymous CR-Z is still in a year. The new hybrid system is expected to come in 2012, when it is planted in the new Civic.

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