Monday, April 25, 2011

Suzuki Swift S-concept appeared in Geneva

In fact, Suzuki Swift is already a good car. It is something of an exception to the Suzuki lineup for the latest additions to its SX4 and Kizashi entry. However, it could be wishful thinking called a "fast" one way. You have to see Swift Concept S as in the picture above, will be presented by Suzuki at the Geneva Motor Show.

Some details of the car were to be released together with the car to take the show. See the details, I believe that everyone has the Swift says a new dimension to the extreme. In fact, the car is much like the S2000 sports car created for the street if you with 18-inch wheels, aerodynamic updates and Recaro race buckets are to be seen.

The result, as you see above, looks like a very good combination. But now, Suzuki is behind some kind of campaign, eclipsing binary Pikes Peak, I think it will be added some exciting new market with some improvements in the mechanical aspect to his athletic style.

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