Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bizarre Nissan Juke Review

Everyone knows that Nissan one of the most trusted brands in the world, and now the Juke Nissan should have the same performance and capacity as the rest of Nissan's products provide. Juke design is created to steal all the attention. The rear lights of the cars were based on 370Z and painted the center of the design of the gas tank of the motorcycle is console. And then the big round headlights were based on rally cars.

The company said that all the exterior design of the Juke to SUV (below) and the sports car (above) to combine. The design background is in the air, away, flaring wings, big wheels and the wheel, while the design is too high a threshold, the roof line valve and wide hips. The European project is the combination of working with the Japanese style, go with the design style Juke. Maybe they have the sense of the Juke looks like Cube, but somehow he did not even come close.

Although the appearance a bit odd and strange, system performance may be, is quite satisfactory and old. The car is quite stable and the driving experience is great. Thus, Nissan Juke probably good for people with a funky style and taste.

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