Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hyundai Blue2 Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai unveiled its new fuel cell concept car Blue2 Seoul Motor Show this week. It is to win a vehicle that boasts the support of car manufacturers to market leadership VEGF. However, it is still difficult to say that the production is that blue box on the way, but I think if Hyundai will release a fuel cell vehicle, it should look like this concept car.

Hyundai calls the exterior design of this Blue2 that the flow through with two elements for innovative design and dynamics. Hyundai has exceptional production drawings done lately, but in this case Blue2, I think it is good. It features an LED display on the back and front to display messages about the state of the car. How many new car concept, the conventional mirror was replaced by cameras.

That's interesting about this car that Blue2 powertrain, hydrogen fuel cell, which is a total power of 120 horses to 34.9 kilometers per liter or provide approximately equal to 82.1 miles per return supplying gallon. This car has to pull a tire with low rolling resistance and uses the very aerodynamic shape reducing power for adding overall efficiency.

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