Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jaguar Preparing the 2011 XJ

Jaguar has said that they bring technology-wheel drive flagship XJ saloon to be completed in less than two years. Yes, it could with the update in the middle of the cycle matches the car. Jaguar hopes that this initiative in the sales for the northern United States, where previously it was always her biggest market in the country reflect the United States.

According to Jaguar, they believed that this model is all-wheel drive may be crucial to obtain this support. There are about 70 percent of sedans were sent in the rust belt to power all four wheels sold. Jaguar is still has designed a plan several new models and new to the world to improve their overall sales.

This plan is still, even the plan to a small luxury sedan, which is under the XF cracked release, while prices start about 28 000th But before the plan a reality, Jaguar will also remove a version of four-cylinder diesel XF them some of the customers of the BMW 5 Series Diesel.

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