Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lightweight Mazda MX-5 GT Unveiled

Strategy Strategy Mazda is now clearer. They try to reduce the weight of all their products. You can see this philosophy in its new MX-5 GT race car. The car will compete in the Britcar Endurance Championship MSA British this year. Like I said, the car is also lighter than 1874 pounds, while providing the performance of almost double the standard MX-5.

This complete engine for the MX-5 be amended produce 275 hp. Did you know that this is not good enough? Remember that this car is very light, so that the current in a position to bring the car to 60 mph in three seconds. This car can still accelerate to 160 kilometers per hour and still look good with his painting Spirited Green. 

Team Jota Sport race is capable of completely removing his inaugurates several hundred pounds on the internal components to reduce some redesigned interior, the shell and dipped in acid. The doors are now carbon fiber while the windows are made ​​of polycarbonate. Jota is also set lower engine height and suspension. To assist in the handling, they are adding a manual six-speed paddle-shift.

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