Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lincoln Planning on Performance Car

Perhaps you are missing a couple of years, incredible as Lincoln-performance option. If the rumors are true, then we are back to that time. As you can see that most luxury brands have their own line of branded performance. You can use the M-Series from BMW, Mercedes AMG, F ​​for Lexus, Audi or with S and RS models. Lincoln will compete in the list in the thin air.

As shoppers buy all Lincoln models and all-wheel drive turbocharged EcoBoost is now creeping to the line-up love, these two functions that Lincoln has leveraged an infusion of excitement. You can start the MKS EcoBoost turbo and mated and traction of the car, then got a Lincoln sedan already seriously competitive sport. You can also do the MKZ, a racing car to have fun and fuel efficient vehicles.

Lincoln spokesman did not deny or confirm their plan, only to say that Lincoln is full, a luxury car manufacturer undertakes world class and is currently examining the luxury car market closely to decide their future step.

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