Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mitsubishi to Carry Environmentally Friendly Vehicle on Lancer Evo X

Moments earlier, we have a shocking news when Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution production after the 10th Generation End have announced that Mitsubishi has now revised its list to kill this car. Mitsubishi promises that the Evo X is his life like the plan to live, and will continue to develop in the future. This could, however, a different interpretation in a different direction.

Mitsubishi tries to travel to their needs for environmentally friendly in a vehicle while the balance is not so that they go a great fan base to another producer at the same time. This fan base has been since the first-generation Mitsubishi car in 1992.

Besides trying to find, keep their promises updating the Evos and a way to meet this car in their new green line form, the automaker also reduced the price of the Evo X £ 29 699 for the United Kingdom. However, there is no word yet what will might look like the new version of the Evo. At least we have the word from Mitsubishi will continue to produce the car.

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