Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Unsinkable of 2012 Citroen DS9

Citroen has the shadow of the Germans too long because their cars were incredibly reliable and well ... are not to drive so well. But the French automaker is preparing to change that, known by the introduction of the 2012 Citroen Citroen DS9 or even as a metropolis.

Citroen is to hide the name without her. If you notice the photo was DS9 2012, the size of the ship Titanic. It reached 5.3 meters wide and about 2 feet long, longer than a long wheel base Mercedes S-class and certainly bigger than a Maybach.

Citroen claims that the language is the design of the Hypnos concept inspired and developed by the PSA Group's design studio in Shanghai. Mixtures of DS9 Metropolis beautiful lines with smooth surfaces is most sensitive to the front, where sculptures cover the fenders and grille, along with the attractive. The headlights are back, as an Italian combed hair and they are very simplified.
The rear end of the 2012 Metropolis DS9 takes the entire width of the vehicles and the mixture with a superb aerodynamic line. Citroen has also added a spoiler and a rear concave active. The side windows did seem to float a chrome quarter light only in the air.
Citroen has revealed no information about the interior of DS9's "Metropolis, but judging by his appearance, the interior probably evidence of the Citroƫn C6 Citroƫn and other products rumored with a touch of elegance and luxury. That the 2012 Citroen at DS9 Limousine mounted , we will check in another timer.
Now this looks like a ship Titanic powerful engine? Of course to do this because the 2012 Citroen Metropolis from a hybrid powertrain that a 2.0-liter V6 engine combined with an output around 272 hp and torque is up to 277 lb-ft driven. There is an electric motor that adds 55 hp to 95 hp. This powerful car is environmentally friendly just 70g/km CO2 emissions.
So if in 2012 to win Citroen DS9 available? We do not know because there are no official declaration on the time of sale or has been officially released, but if we build it, to knowing.

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