Tuesday, June 14, 2011

$33M Of EV Tax Credits For Buying Unqualified Vehicles

They include a bicycle in an electric vehicle? But what about the H3 Hummer? Several vehicles that Americans as hybrids, electric plug or other motorized vehicles, claimed on their tax forms, according to USA Today. In addition, there was the false claimants to 33 million in back to achieve the Federal Government.

The newspaper said the number of $ 33,000,000 is about 20 percent of the total $ 163,900,000, which was taken as a tax credit programs to date to complete. This information comes from a new report by the Treasury Inspector General have for Tax Administration, which has been found that the problem appears on the IRS doesn'y appropriate procedures necessary to determine whether the right was issued the claims, or n 't.

In response to that report, the IRS said, "has already taken steps to ensure that the report underlines taken." Okay, I think it is understandable, but take the money for a bike? Wheels is really nice actually, but I do not think they are included in hybrid cars. "

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