Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mitsubishi Turns Lancer Evolution to a different direction

The current generation of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution high performance sedan seems like at the end, after the automaker a leadership position in the electric vehicle will remake. Mitsubishi sees in a different direction for this sedan with all-wheel drive sport as they compete for the brand new eight-electric and plug-in hybrid in 2015 to prepare.

This plan is selected by adjusting to the need for increased global consumption and emissions regulations. This means that the performance of cars like the Lancer Evolution no longer occur in the future, analysts said. Mitsubishi said in a statement sales of the Evolution X 2013 would continue, but for its successor, packaging engineering and architecture, will be dictated by the regulations and market reactions.

They also said that the market needs and demands for change led that Mitsubishi will not improve further on the concept Lancer Evolution, as it has to do before. You can find her other direction for Lancer Evolution develop, it is of particular technologies. In fact, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution sedan most successful model of efficient on the market.

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