Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Opel RAK e Concept in Bildern

Written by Sylvain Falize 18th September 2011
Live from the Opel stand. Here are the first pictures of RAK e Concept Autobuzz by the team.

Audi with its Urban Design and Concept Volkswagen with its Nils had a good head start in terms of urban mobility, but another German manufacturer refers to the tip of his nose: Opel!

So it goes in the dance of electric wheel for urban driving. A concept car that interprets a production in the coming months. The specificity of this approach, we have two people on board, there is one behind the other. In terms of design, which Opel opted for sharp lines and a sharp front reminds error Ampera model.


Of course, the concept of an electric motor through a battery with a range of about 100km to a top speed of 120km / h. No indications were found driven on the engine power available, but the German company a possibility that vehicles on highways. Opel is a sensible marketing price to win young customers. There is also a version that is limited to 45km / h for this purpose is proposed rumored ...

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