Monday, November 21, 2011

Hummer H3T Powered by 5 Cylenders

For the latest news on the way to get the line H3 associated with the problem of loose clips on the hood, lobster has not the production of other products since then. Now, with the exception of the line H3T.

The H3T is always the same look can always expect from lobster: strong, buff, strong and masculine. Slit windows, strip search, and outlined seven major blocks grille, it looks like the Jeep, but still adhering to the basic feature of the original style lobster.

The panel proposes to look within generic instrument with rounded edges, quite contrary to the boxy look of the exterior appearance. This car weighs about 5000 pounds with a five-cylinder 0.7-liter three-engine, but strangely it is only capable of 239 hp. The worst part is that it comes with automatic-transmission 4-speed transmission.

Everything the down side, and this, the H3T. He not only has problems with the power supply and communication, but also with the function of fuel consumption, which is terrible and is not intended to be built from the first time.

Finally, if you like H3T is good if you are in favor of the lobster. But if you're looking for real quality and performance, it is not a good thing.

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