Saturday, December 24, 2011

Test 2012 Honda Civic: a confusing style

Ninth Generation. It is a model of the legendary manufacturer Honda is back with the new Civic. Autobuzz has tried to make the streets of Britain.

Since 1972, the Civic has 21 million copies worldwide, that about the same as the VW Beetle was sold. The compact Honda wants to keep his success on the old continent. For the opportunity to work in the same Japanese manufacturer is a redeployment plan in France with a very aggressive product.

If the style of the ninth generation is as radical as the eighth, do not question the same. At Honda, the concept of "revolutionary change" will lead to new devices, better perceived quality, more efficient and affordable prices.
 2012 Honda Civic Video
The first launch is planned for Scheduled in February 2012. Honda aims to sell 6500 in France over the year, 100,000 in Europe. The goal seems feasible if one takes into account the 7000 sale of the 8th Generation Civic at its launch in 2007.

It remains to know what's really new, compact sedan. Here is the test in gasoline engines Autobuzz 1.8 i-VTEC and 2.2 i-DTEC diesel.

The eighth generation was radical in terms of style, the new Civic is not less. In fact, the figure is almost identical fall, when the compact sedan has also increased from 4 cm.

We thus find their sculptures flanks, but the rear doors have been redesigned to allow better access. The back of the Civic was also increased and stocky, like the old model. He considers himself still a windshield wiper and the visibility is improved with a little window into two parts.

Test 2012 Honda Civic: Civic déroutantL'OVNI style retains its style and Honda DNA. But if, in profile, limits on the facelift, the front has been completely renovated. On the front is a new band diode that connects the two projectors. The new V grille, expressive claims to be a radical style than ever before.

This angular silhouette, it will certainly appeal to all French, but this distinctive style is still a certain charm. Those who put efficiency before aesthetics will be thrilled, but the aerodynamics of the new Civic at the top. The diesel version has a few more developments on this point, two appendices at the back of the pages in addition to the small roof spoiler, so that the drag coefficient of O, 27, or 13% compared with ex-model.

Test 2012 Honda Civic: a style déroutantOn regret, however, the contours of the plastic wheels, bad habit, the Japanese manufacturer, which often do not remove, during the redesign of their models. Finally, although this largely depends on the tastes, the Honda Civic is one of the models that do not feel the same in a dark color and a bold color. In our view, a striking color is her much better.

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