Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2011 Ferrari California with HELE system

Ferrari California has introduced a special car show in Paris. What makes it special, a new HELE (High Emotion Low Emissions) is designed to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles, while increased their performance and driving pleasure. By using the new system, HELE, California, offers a program to improve by 23%.

HELE includes the new intelligent engine fan control the fuel pump, air conditioning electronic control unit displacement of the compressor and a gear shift pattern that adapts to the driving style. Beside him, Ferrari also offers the Stop & Start system will start the car in just 230 milliseconds.

Along with this amazing system, Ferrari will also offer customers the possibility to adapt their California. Racing and Track, Exteriors and Interiors and colors, materials and equipment, and travel: Guests can choose from four traditional areas. Options include: 16 primary colors, 19 "forged wheels and sporty 20-inch versions with colored or diamond finish, carbon fiber components, leather, Alcantara ® upholstery or any of the numerous carbon fiber facade elements.

Updated 12/03/2010: Ferrari unveiled a new video in which they explain how the new system works Hele. For those in technology, the interest behind the vehicle, you can still watch the video to see some more pictures of California. Have fun!

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