Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ferrari Renaming Their F1 Car Again

Originally, the car of Ferrari F1 Ferrari F 150 2011 as presented to the 150th To celebrate the anniversary of the unification of Italy. Sorry, there are the names similar to Ford F-150 pickup truck was, they were afraid that their customers are not confused with the similarities. After that Ferrari has to rename F150th Italia Ferrari and Ford settled with him. However, Ferrari will always get the name of their people to a definitive change.

Now the car of Ferrari Formula 1 Ferrari F 1500 Italia will be named. It's more a symbol of Italian style "e ", and Ferrari has been added to bring a taste of Italy. Maranello announced this move in a shocking press release says: "The name is now Ferrari F 1500 Italia, it should indicate clearly, even the thickest people that the name is a tribute to the anniversary of the association.

He also said he hopes that this act, the question will be closed permanently and they can on some other more serious matters such as ensuring that their cars to already good enough to be a winner this season focus.

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