Friday, June 10, 2011

Zagato Ferrari FZ93 Wants New Owner

Zagato Ferrari FZ93 classic sports coupe is one of the best and one of the sports car classic type. As we surf the Internet looking for something to write, that we Zagato Ferrari FZ93 classic sports coupe met on eBay.
What is the best time to do something that the 'Zagato' name with yours as in the classic sports coupe Zagato Ferrari FZ93? Now, as root, nasturtium Aston Martin V12 on the development of a long lost art and unique automotive manufacturer of widgets.

Zagato Ferrari FZ93 classic sports coupe is single and probably a little controversial Ferrari for sale. Based on the Ferrari 512TR, the FZ93 (Zagato formula 93) was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, introduced in 1993 and show two-tone paint. Since this color palette is not a great success, Zagato Ferrari FZ93 Zagato repainted red classic sports coupe was with its emphasis on style Ferrari even further.
The photos that we have set for you, it is really interesting, but the Ferrari FZ93 Zagato Coupe classic is still one of the ugliest ever seen prancing horses. It was developed by Ercole Spada, a prolific designer Zagato has written dozens of vehicles to produce a compromise under his belt.
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
Other notable designs from Zagato Ferrari FZ93 Spada side finished the classic sports coupe Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Alfa Romeo 155 and the remarkable Spada was Veltur Sport, which was issued at Top Marques. The Ferrari Enso has inherited some design features from the classic sports coupe Zagato Ferrari FZ93, FZ93, for example, notification of the form of both Enzo and F1-style nose.
Zagato Ferrari FZ93 - Rear View
Well, we can not say much about the seller, the individual, unique, except for the fact that in Italy and requires a full € 1,000,000 (plus or minus $ 1,420,000). Zagato Ferrari FZ93 classic sports coupe is a unique piece of automotive history, has only 700 km (435 miles) covered and appears to be in very good condition. As we always say, it's never the price, but the value of art and historical background of the car.

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