Monday, September 26, 2011

Clap for the end of the BMW X6 Active Hybrid?

Posted by Cedric Rablat 24th September 2011

Full-bodied affair for the brand with the star. Your SUV is in grave danger and was able to leave the BMW catalog.

Is it possible to produce a flop for the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid? The SUV on the market in 2008 is expected in the coming days from the bow and disappear from the BMW catalog, without replacing it with a new version. Magazine BimmerFile echoes of these early withdrawal real setback for the German manufacturer. The reason for this decision? The twin-turbo 407 hp V8 and two electric motors that do not meet expectations in terms of consumption considered too high.

Car Video

BMW X6 by Xelopolis

9.9 l/100km and 231g/km CO2 emissions, at a price of 113,000 €, as many figures, the death knell of BMW wants to have sounded strive for a better future. Unfortunately, the good performance (0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds, 236 mph max) has been shown not weigh very heavily, to the obvious ... For the more sad by this news, well, the BMW ActiveHybrid7 his career and will soon support the new Série5ActiveHybrid. A lesser evil in order to fill the gap ...

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