Monday, September 26, 2011

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Mercedes B-Class E-CELL-concept

Written by Remy Devaureix 22nd September 2011

At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Mercedes has the concept of class B E-CELL PLUS, the first electric vehicle range extender.

The concept of class B E-CELL PLUS is a vehicle powered solely electric 70 kW (95 hp) with a motor of 67 HP (3 cylinder turbo 1 liter) supported. The two bodies are extremely compact drive and find their place in the front, in the motor, the gearbox and generator. The lithium-ion battery and fuel tank are now finding themselves on the back, especially under a false floor for the drive alternatives, a space called "Space Energy" was developed. On the other variants of vehicles with alternative powertrains, this space can accommodate a tank of gas or hydrogen, for example.

Engine management system always chooses the best mode in terms of consumption. The car can operate in two modes depending on the condition of the battery:

- If the battery has a sufficient amount of energy that the vehicle is running in electric mode, ie without emissions in situ. The energy storage system based on charging a conventional electrical outlet. Of course, a quick charge function is also on the vehicle. He reached a charging time of about one hour.

- If the battery is below a certain threshold, the motor starts. The vehicle goes into the "range extender".

Limited to 100 km mode "all electric", the total autonomy of the vehicle 600 km to reach the extension.

The drivers have access over the Internet from their PC or smart phone, the functions of the vehicle. It may well informed about the status of temporary exposure of the lithium-ion request or show the remaining battery of the vehicle on a road map. Other innovative features: Smart Charging (or "smart store"). The customer selects the start time and the system ensures that the battery is fully charged and then, if desired, the interior préclimatisé. The supply of "home vehicle" will be an additional convenience features such as route planner adds specially designed for electric vehicles.

This hybrid Mercedes shadow 0-100 kph in about 11 seconds and a top speed of 150 km / h.

As for safety, the concept of class B E-CELL PLUS offers a variety of support systems for vehicles that deliver superior inherited:
- Beam assistant
- Blind Spot and Lane Departure Warning
- Attention Assist (standard)
- Reminder of speed limit (detection panels)
- Active Parking Assist (APA)
- Hold Function (standard with 7G-DCT)
- Hill Start Aid (Hill Holder function)
- Reversing Camera
- Pre-Safe system (a system that anticipates and prepares accident to react certain safety equipment)

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